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A Need for Story

Forget everything else, the greatest draw to gaming is the story. Sadly however, it seems that story and brilliant ‘gameplay’ is mutually exclusive, so while it’s the most important thing to keep us playing it’s rare we get a great story bundled with a great game. At least the public knows where the balance should be though – it’s not the case of us putting up with shooting things with no reasoning whatsoever, because if we did, Call of Duty would be a best sell- Oh. All the Half Life 2 games have been the same, and not that amazing….

Dragon Age: Origins

The basic premise of Dragon Age is, I suppose, a fairly standard fantasy affair. A Dark Force called The Blight that has been dormant for centuries is rising again in The South. The Grey Wardens – a force dedicated to stopping it – are recruiting to fight once more and through whichever of the six origin stories you choose to bring yourself into the world of Dragon Age, you join the ranks. Before long however The Grey Wardens are almost wiped out and it’s left to you to save the world. However, the ‘you’ in Dragon Age is what stops…