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See the gun? THAT’S who I am!

I can’t make my mind up. Is this the worst trailer ever? Is it the worst thing ever? Either: This trailer has stooped to depths so low that it’s impossible to even know what’s good or bad anymore. OR: it’s the best thing ever and my feeble mind doesn’t have the guts to face up that fact.

Peasgood is right

Yep, that’s right. She is 100% correct. You no doubt have seen the footage – Tim Ingham, editor of CVG.co.uk, was invited onto the Alan Titchmarsh show to discuss video games and, well…the clip speaks for its self: Resident sexpert Julie Peasgood (previously of Martian Gothic fame, so she is actually an expert on games too) chimed in with her own take about half-way through: “Video games are addictive; they promote hatred, racism, [and] sexism” much to the stunned surprise of Ingham. And rightly so he was stunned, for she had collapsed any argument he might have. I’ll use the…