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GTA hijinks

Dicking around with the GTA video editor, I made this. It’s taken around 7 hours all in all, so forgive me if, instead of writing anything, I walk off bitterly. It may be worth you hitting the HD button after you click play if your internets is good enough…. 7 hours for less than 2 minutes of average video with a crap ending. Why do I put myself through this?! I quite like the police chase bit though.

I was a bit wrong…so shoot me. Please dont.

A while ago some idiot hacked the site and posted some ill-informed rant about how I wasn’t fussed about getting GTA IV. What an idiot. Tut. If they actually played it they would realise it is, in fact, quite good. I picked a copy up from GAME when I found a gift card in my wallet with £28 on it – resulting in a brand new game for a bargain £2. Eagerly (read pessimistically) I popped it into my disk drive expecting a plethora of problems with Rockstar Social Club and Games For Windows Live. None happened – it all…