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Not a Game podcast episode 11 – Flick knives and cake

Welcome to episode 11, our extra long tabletop special. We invited Paul Dean of Shut Up Show to join us in a discussion of the wonderful world of board games, card games and pen and paper RPGs (with a few video games thrown in for good measure). Innumerable games are discussed including Lady Blackbird, Apocalypse World, Trains (?!), Cards Against Humanity, Citadels, The Resistance and many more. We also talk about good gateway games, kickstarter and using games as a teaching tool. Also Cara still manages to sneak a sex game in there somehow. Show notes can be found inside.

Preview: The Train Giant

I was confused. The south side of the little city I was systematically turning into my own corporate playground was ripe for a little foray into real-estate, so I decided to build a few flats. My expansive bus service was already drifting around there, and the pickings were somewhat slim, I needed more people living there to make the route profitable – and a few acres of cheap housing would do the job nicely. Setting up a supply depot nearby, I set to work. Soon, my little lorries were ferrying materials to my planned construction area, and I had popped…