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Not a Game podcast 30 – A fortune in lampposts

In our latest podcast Pip and Tom are joined by Simon Parkin and Keza MacDonald to answer pressing questions like: “Is ghosts an emotion?” and “Are Twitch playing God?” This week we discuss comedy in games and the unintentional slapstick genius of David Cage. Meanwhile Simon has been playing the new Thief reboot, and Keza has been reliving the hell that was reviewing Dark Souls for the first time. Plus in depth discussions on religion in games and the difficulties of working at game studios, both large and small, including a chat about the late, lamented Littleloud. Show notes inside.

Not a Game Podcast episode 19 – Top Ten Ladders

This week Cara and Tom are joined by Rock Paper Shotgun’s Adam Smith and Patricia Hernandez of the Kotakus (all of them, especially the ones with the vagina cakes). Every game in the world is on sale right now, so we decided to recommend some of our favourite cheap ones. Adam tries his best to convince us Euro Truck Simulator is really romantic, Tom uses catharsis on mourning in the Blackwell adventure games and we all relentlessly mock Half Life, even though we love it really. Which bit of games journalism sacrilege will make Adam exclaim loudest? Find out inside.