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Not a Game podcast episode 38 – Sausage in a tube

This week’s podcast is a bit of a lane pushing special. Pip and guest Richard Cobbett have both been playing Heroes of the Storm and have a long involved chat about it, Dotalikes and e-sports in general. Afterwards Tom tries and fails to explain exactly why he was running around London hacking things with his phone for Ingress, and tells us how he lost a fortune on sausage in a tube in Panic on Wall Street. Then we round things off by slagging off Dark Souls behind Craig’s back, and doing our mandatory monthly David Cage snarkfest. Show notes inside.

Trade Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a lovely game. There’s not much in the way of glowing praise that I could shower it with that hasn’t been said elsewhere, other than it has evolved remarkably over four years. Gone are the vanilla days of when Pyros had no airblast and where all Snipers looked exactly the same. While many of the changes implemented by Valve have brought in new players and kept some of the veterans interested, the rest of the stalwarts of the community have deserted it. You hear the joke thrown around a lot these days; ‘TF2 = First Person…