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Not a Game podcast episode 28 – official podcast of the steam tag

Welcome to the Not a Game podcast, a spin off from the wildly successful steam tag, which categorises some of the most inventive and moving games of recent years. This year Craig and Tom were almost stuck together on Valentines Day, but thankfully Laura Dale was on hand to join us for a lovely (get it?) podcast. We talk going back to Guild Wars 2, sniggering along to Jazzpunk, and Craig’s amazing fake-car setup for iRacing. Also Tom played a book, and Craig kicked someone to death. Just a normal valentine from the Not a Game podcast. Show notes inside.

Podcast: The Price of Gaming

On this week’s podcast, Chris and Craig take a big long serious-faced look at the price of games. Starring Serious Sam 3 and its indie children, the London International Technology Show, Steam Sales, and piracy. Guest starring two people whose collective understanding of market forces could fit on the back of an envelope that had been stolen by a dog and buried in the garden. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] download | subscribe Music courtesy of andykisaragi. Show notes Gabe Newell at the WTIA TechNW panel Notch on ‘Free to Play’ ASUS PC with “Fleursomething” waterfalls at LITS…