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Fallout 3 Remodulated

Confession time readers, despite finding the Elder Scrolls games rather vacuous, and being an fan of the old school Fallout games I actually (whisper it) quite like Fallout 3. Oh it’s terribly made and full of bugs and poor gameplay, but one thing Bethesda totally pulled off was to nail the character of the Fallout world. It’s been two years now and I’ve decided to go back to the capital wasteland, but this time I’m not settling for second best, no more lacklustre gameplay or shoddy graphics, I’m going to fix all that, how? By installing so many mods they…

Indie Review: Fathom

It’s apparent that Fathom attempts to subvert a good deal of our assumptions and preconceptions about games in general, and specifically, 2d platformers like Cave Story. It asks questions. Questions like, “Hang on, who am I? Why am I shooting these harmless sprinkler things to get pointless blue machine parts? Why do I assume that this boss fight is winnable? Because I’m a protagonist? Do I now rely on the feeble tropes I’ve often smirked at, such as the vilification of flower pot sentry bots?”