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EVE Online – Baby Steps

Paul’s Continuing EVE Adventures – Part 2

Neptunes Pride – The GD War – Part 3

In which Craig Lager (WasteManager), Ed Fenning (Max Ironcock), Thom Senior (Ludo), Tom Hatfield (Dante), Jay Kim (Mana), Craig Lam (Poseidon) and Michael Yang (Miker) fight it out for the galaxy in free-to-play 4x space game, Neptunes Pride. Day 15 Max Ironcock: My scrounged defences were enough, beating back Miker’s crazy lunge that nearly choked me. I’m just lucky he didn’t send them all in one big wedge towards Mothallah. Me and Dante are now left in a tricky spot, waking up from our sleep to find we’d conquered 2 worlds each in a little 4 world cluster, with Miker…