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Killing animals

…and in the game! ho ho! Ahem. Not very long ago a small discussion broke out on twitter between me and our old contributor-turned-journalistic-superstar Jaz McDougall. It surfaced when someone pointed out a fan-made page for a proposed tenth TF2 class – The Guard Dog. Jaz reeled at the idea; he didn’t like the prospect of killing a dog, even if it was armed to the teeth. In fact, he continued, he doesn’t like killing any animals at all in games. This seemed absurd to me – “But you kill people!” I said “Why won’t you kill animals? What if…

London sans the interesting bit.

I went to London yesterday for a preview event surrounding “Battleforge”. I’m currently waiting on some pictures from the event to suppliment my thoughts-turned-into-words text with; so no write up yet, but as a little today bonus I thought I would write up the micro-diary I kept of my day out. The problem is I was too busy in the actual event to update the thing so you could say it is a little tenuous in terms of gaming relevance and you would be correct. Have it anyway. 09.00 – Up and very awake. Play TF2 to pass the time….