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Guns of Icarus Online

Dearest Lezleigh-Anne I know not whether this letter will find you, but I’m not going to start a diary because that’s something teenage girls do. I appear to have been Shanghaied, shaven, and been given an elixir transforming me from a weathered fat beardy bloke to a lithe androgynous youth. I have no knowledge of the events that lead to me being here, or where here is, but I find myself on some form of sky bound ship.  It’s a bit Blade Runner goes steampunk, but nowhere near as cool as that sounds. And without the rain. Or tall buildings….

SCP-087-B and Other Emotions

If you have never played the oddity known as SCP-087-B, I would suggest you stop reading and have a go before I go any further. Done? Good. If not, be aware the following is somewhat spoilery. SCP-o87-B is a tiny bit of free software, that’s surprisingly tough to find any kind of info for outside the developer’s website, and even there it does its best to be as vague as possible. This is partly due to the Matrix-esque way the game works – a far more enjoyable experience when approached with an attitude of complete ignorance. The reason for this…