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Stripclub Siege

Multiplayer GTA can get a bit bland. It’s great, sure, but it doesn’t deliver on the one thing people actually want to do in GTA together – take on The Cops properly. Me and Ed have had to invent our own way to do it, and it’s simple. Named Stripclub Siege; a couple of load up with automatic weapons, pile into the nearest bar and lay waste to the patrons and in-house entertainment. Then it’s just a case of surviving for as long as possible. Sirens scream from outside the door as each person readies themselves for the coming onslaught….

I’m a cleaner – Mission 10

The Agency is nearly wiped out. Our rivals – The Franchise – have killed the all of us par two: me and my contact, Diana. She gives me the last job they have, to kill a CIA Agent in an office block, along with his female associate. I’m warned however that agents from The Franchise are more than likely inside with a view to taking me out. I should kill any I find.   The office block isn’t as simple an affair as the minimalist exterior would have you believe. It actually houses two night-clubs; one in the basement and…