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Not a Game podcast episode 45 – Golf without limits

This week’s Not a Game podcast is a little bit different, because it’s also last week’s Category Video Games. That’s right, we’re doing a crisis crossover as Pip and Tom join our perennial guest Laura Kate Dale along with Patrick Dane, Andre Miller and Jose San Mateo for a massive two and a half hour dissection of the big E3 conferences. Along the way we talk about Microsoft’s ‘just games’ policy, golf without limits, Aisha Tyler, Nintendo creating something new and just how tired and grumpy we were by the end of Sony’s speechifying. Show notes can be found inside.

Why I Hate: Motion Control

Flail wildly to run. Flick to jump. Pump to recharge. Thrust to punch. Motion controls have taken over the world in the form of a slopey white box with that once wonderful Nintendo branding on it. Unfortunately it’s not the SNES but that more modern wii-fandangle which people keep going on about what with it’s user friendlyness and family orientated entertainment. Motion Controls are most probably here to stay what with Sony and Microsoft jumping on the bandwagon (all be it a wagon filled with money) but I say this in the nicest and sincerest possible way: IHATEYOUIHATEYOUIHATEYOU. Also: Stay…