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Rhythm games don’t come much stranger than this. Ongaku is a game that, from the word go, really thrusts its charm down your throat with a child like glee, and it won’t take no for an answer. In an age of Rock Band and Guitar Hero dominating this sub-genre, Ongaku really is punching above its weight. But you never get the impression that it cares about that, it just does its own thing, independent of what the cooler, more popular kids are doing. As I said, Ongaku is a game that wastes no time in making an impression on you….

Blueberry Garden

Blueberry Garden is an indie game that has had a fair bit of attention. It won the last IGF award so since then it’s been featured in every major PC gaming place known to ..me. I noticed the demo was available on steam so thought it high time I gave it a try. The idea of Blueberry Garden is really quite simple. You play as a bird man thing. You can walk, jump, pick things up, eat things and fly to a limited extent. Things you eat affect you, so for example eating a blueberry means when you fly you…