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I’m a cleaner – Mission 2

Mission 2 With mission 1 done and dusted it was only logical (and a fundamental requirement) to move on to mission 2. It’s a fairly easy mission to get on with and because it’s one I have struggled with in the past I pretty much know the best way to do it. Anyway. I’m tasked with taking out an opera singer and his boss while they are rehearsing. The theater they are in is being renovated which means there are plenty of workers about. A gun has been placed for me in a jacket which is being held by reception….

I’m a cleaner – Mission 1

Hitman: Blood Money is one of those games that never gets old. It’s brilliant and I can’t count how may times I’ve played it through. I’m now playing it again – this time on expert and with the rule that I don’t save and try not to restart a level. The joy of the game is working through the chaos you create so here goes. If you have still never played Blood Money – get a copy as this is going to be spoiler filled and you are more than missing out. Mission 1 I’m tasked with removing an Italian…