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Not a Game podcast episode 51 – Spooky Harry Potter

Episode fifty one sees Pip still in recovery from The International, so Tom is instead joined by Laura Dale, Lucy Morris and Hannah Bunce. Lucy tells us about playing DayZ wiuth broken legs while Hannah tells us why Wolf Among Us is grittier than The Walking Dead. Laura has been exploring Itch.io and finding a bunch of strange, small indie games and Tom has been gaming like it’s 1999 with King of Dragon Pass. Also included: our favourite tutorials, rampant speculation about the new Bioware game and interactive fiction wordplay puzzler Counterfeit Monkey. The show notes, as ever, are inside.

Not a Game podcast 36 – Cyberhunk

This week we’re joined by Laura Kate Dale to chat about the charming let challenging A Good Snowman is Hard to Build, the malevolent yet dissapointing Evilquest and the ever dependable Kerbal Space Program. Plus we talk about Luftrausers: both the recent controversy and why Tom feels strangly dissapointed by it. Also we accidentally manage to invent the sexy new genre of ‘cyberhunk’ and wish for Beyond Good and Evil 2 to exist so hard that while we were putting this post up it actually happened. Then we let you lot Columbo us with questions, repeatedly. Show notes are inside.