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I’m a cleaner – Mission 5

Taking three little blackbirds out should be easy really – but when you start to factor in the birds having guns, guards and Mardi Gras to protect them, this may be a little more difficult. The birds are a bunch of assassins out on Mardi Gras as some senator will be out on parade – a senator they intend to kill. I need to stop that happening – my motivation is purely money. The assassins will take time in making sure their hit goes down perfectly so I don’t have to rush per-se. What I do need to do though…

London sans the interesting bit.

I went to London yesterday for a preview event surrounding “Battleforge”. I’m currently waiting on some pictures from the event to suppliment my thoughts-turned-into-words text with; so no write up yet, but as a little today bonus I thought I would write up the micro-diary I kept of my day out. The problem is I was too busy in the actual event to update the thing so you could say it is a little tenuous in terms of gaming relevance and you would be correct. Have it anyway. 09.00 – Up and very awake. Play TF2 to pass the time….