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Games rapping

What’s that you say? A new feature? Boy, it looks like it. So each week we will hopefully be bringing you some hand picked SO HOT pc gaming videos that are SO HOT you cant even touch them without screaming “OW! THAT’S TOO HOT!”. Oh and by the way, today is my annual “I’ve made it through another year” event, Hurrah! Un-relatedly, did you know you can send gifts through steam? Well you can. And also, here is my steam account…just sayin’ like. ;-) First up is a gaming rap from Gamers Evolution. It’s clearly viral marketing at it’s finest,…

London sans the interesting bit.

I went to London yesterday for a preview event surrounding “Battleforge”. I’m currently waiting on some pictures from the event to suppliment my thoughts-turned-into-words text with; so no write up yet, but as a little today bonus I thought I would write up the micro-diary I kept of my day out. The problem is I was too busy in the actual event to update the thing so you could say it is a little tenuous in terms of gaming relevance and you would be correct. Have it anyway. 09.00 – Up and very awake. Play TF2 to pass the time….