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Not a Game podcast episode 37 – Essence of Assassination

We often deal with hard hitting questions here on the Not a Game podcast, but this week is special. This week we bring you the answers to some of the biggest unanswered questions in gaming, questions like: “What is the best depiction of an egg in gaming?” “How is Dota 2 like Jesus?” “What does assassination smell like?” “What is the best music to play Counter Strike to?” And most importantly of all “Is Jenny really from the block?” Listen in for the answers to all these and more, plus discussion of Guild Wars 2 and 0rbitalis. Show notes inside.

What sort of freedom do you crave in games, and why?

A while back, Erland Grefsrud openly asked the above to twitter, and I think it’s a really interesting question. It’s actually something I’d already thought about quite a bit (some of this is going to be directly lifted from another half written essay), so I thought it was worth giving him a decent reply… I’ve attempted to pin the answer down to this a couple of times before, and I’ve given up half way through each time. It’s an important thing for me to figure out, though, because whether a game will give me the non-specific sort of freedom that…