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What Saints Row 2 does better than GTA 4

Saints Row 2 looks to have been a bit of a sleeper hit around here. I think we all had pre-conceptions on release but after actually playing it for ourselves, we seem to be in agreement that it’s actually quite good. In fact; as I play I continually think that it does some things far better than what GTA has ever done. Infinite garage When you store a car in your ‘garage’ on Saints Row 2 it’s always there. You can take it out, blow it up then return and just get a new one. Also you can store a…

Stripclub Siege

Multiplayer GTA can get a bit bland. It’s great, sure, but it doesn’t deliver on the one thing people actually want to do in GTA together – take on The Cops properly. Me and Ed have had to invent our own way to do it, and it’s simple. Named Stripclub Siege; a couple of load up with automatic weapons, pile into the nearest bar and lay waste to the patrons and in-house entertainment. Then it’s just a case of surviving for as long as possible. Sirens scream from outside the door as each person readies themselves for the coming onslaught….