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I Call Her Vera – My favourite guns today

I was going to call this ‘My favourite guns in games’ but I’ll be honest, my opinion is astonishingly changeable on this subject, it’s entirely possible I’ll have a totally different list tomorrow, but anyway, right now these are some of my favourite guns in games: Badaboom Award for Exploding Hilarity – M920 Cain – Mass Effect 2 For when you absolutely, positively have to kill everything in the immediate vicinity, accept no substitute for the M920 Cain. Mass Effect’s famously detailed codex has an entry for the Cain, in which it states that it is “not technically a nuke”….

Stripclub Siege

Multiplayer GTA can get a bit bland. It’s great, sure, but it doesn’t deliver on the one thing people actually want to do in GTA together – take on The Cops properly. Me and Ed have had to invent our own way to do it, and it’s simple. Named Stripclub Siege; a couple of load up with automatic weapons, pile into the nearest bar and lay waste to the patrons and in-house entertainment. Then it’s just a case of surviving for as long as possible. Sirens scream from outside the door as each person readies themselves for the coming onslaught….