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Not a Game Podcast episode 1 – We have infinite women

Welcome to the first ever episode of the unfortunately named Not a Game podcast. Despite being poorly organised and distracted by screaming children, we manage to talk about Batman: Arkham Facepuncher, superhero games as a power fantasy, Kerbal Space Program, games with deliberately crap controls, the Oculus Rift porn game, Ride to Hell: Retribution as a reminder of how bad games can be, Cara’s time as a playtester on GTA: 4, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified versus XCOM: Enemy Unknown and how brilliant Space Hulk is. Also at one point Cara gets a surprise Cornetto. Show notes can be found inside.

Ways to re-use gameworlds

If you haven’t read Critical Hit: Why Don’t We Reuse Game Worlds? by Richard Cobbett then you really should. To summarise, though: game worlds shouldn’t be discarded after a single use. While it might be impossible to do because of the financials and licensing and what-have-yous, it would be great if people could take Liberty City, or Empire Bay, or Panau – and use them to create new things a bit like Liberty City Stories, but more drastic. Examples used are zombie overhauls, or superhero overhauls. I would like those things. Anyway, rather than barrage poor Richard with an endless…