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Space Funeral

RPG Maker 2003. Load of rubbish, right?* It makes me think of endless JRPG clones: unsubtle homages to games that were already dull. Identikit fantasies where the farmboy protagonist leaves home on an epic quest to save the land, pick up purple-haired chicks with thyroidal eyes, and loot everything he can get his pixellated hands on. Space Funeral is no different to these games in some respects. You play as Philip, a man who leaves home on a linear mission to right the wrongs of his world. You fight monsters in turn based battles, gain experience, and collect loot. Sounds…

Eurogamer Expo: Pub Focus

download | subscribe Last weekend Me, Paul and later Tom went on an adventure to London. Amongst the drunken spewings of words to Kieron Gillen, the shocked face at £7 for two drinks, and the constant hilariousness of the line “It’s my aero chocolate anyway” we went to the Eurogamer Expo and recorded things as we went. This is the end of day one where we meet up with Joe Martin to talk about the expo and games in the quietest corner of a pub we could find. – Craig [Audio clip: view full post to listen]