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Company of Heroes

Craig: So, because we are so god damn on trend again we’ve been playing Company of Heroes, which is what, 2 years old now? Paul: Something like that. But with sales and stuff on recently, these games get refreshed in our collective consciousness. So… we’re justified in our unforgivable finger-off-the-pulseness. Craig: Yeah but I’ve had this in a boxed copy for…years. And on steam since Christmas. Ed: It’s actually 4 years old. Current! Craig: 4 years? Fucking Christ. That’s yet another game of 2006 then, which was the best year ever for games. But anyway. Paul: So, why are we…


A few of us have been dropping in and out of GTA IV’s multiplayer again lately, and it’s still hilarious and great and fun. I just cobbled together this video of me and Paul from the other night using HELICOPTERS AND FLAMING CARS:   and here is Me and Ed a while back using MOTORBIKES AND ARIAL STUNTS WITH THE BEST MUSIC: That’s all really, I just thought it would be fun to share and maybe inspire you to come join us sometime.