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Games of 2011 – Paul

2011 – A “great” “year” for “gaming”.

Podcast: Iron Helmet

On this week’s podcast, Chris, Craig, Ed and Paul take a critical look at Iron Helmet, purveyors of relationship-wrecking browser strategy titles Neptune’s Pride, Blight of the Immortals, and Jupiter’s Folly. Guest starring Paul’s growing tolerance for Mermen, Craig’s rekindled love of Supreme Commander 1, Chris’ furious pursuit of segues, and the trial of Ed Fenning. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] download | subscribe Music courtesy of andykisaragi. Show notes Iron Helmet Games GamingDaily’s Neptune’s Pride Diaries – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 GamingDaily’s Blight of the Immortals Diaries – Part 1, Part 2 GamingDaily’s…