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Call of Wolfenstein

For the young and innocent, modern shooters are all about presence and multiplayer. Laughably short single player campaigns boxed off in a day and then it’s online to learn maps and bemoan noobs and campers. These games are “brilliant” and “awesome”. Newsflash: They’re not. They’re actually shit. Admittedly they’re pretty impressive shit with whizzy sound effect and visuals that make a lie of the notion that you can’t polish a turd, but a polished turd is exactly what they are. This was epitomised to me with Wolfenstein 3D being made free to play through browsers. My initial thought was that…


RAGE is a videogame, and it wants you to know it. It wants you to know that it’s a videogame so badly that it continually finds new ways to tell you, over the course of its 10-12 hour running time. It says it so many times that you begin to suspect that it’s apologising for something: the flaws in its worldbuilding, perhaps, or the drudgery that its open-ended structure needlessly enforces. You find yourself inclined to forgive RAGE, in these moments, because that videogamey feel is exactly why its combat is worth celebrating. “Shhh, RAGE.” You’ll whisper, “please stop apologising….