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The Battle for T22 – EVE Online

The continuing EVE adventures of hilariously named pilot Arsewisely. This month: The Battle for T22.

Neptunes Pride – The GD War – Part 4

In which Craig Lager (WasteManager), Ed Fenning (Max Ironcock), Thom Senior (Ludo), Tom Hatfield (Dante), Jay Kim (Mana), Craig Lam (Poseidon) and Michael Yang (Miker) fight it out for the galaxy in free-to-play 4x space game, Neptunes Pride. Day 22 WasteManager: Operation clean up Mana continues. He has three systems left which I have fleets on the way to clear up. Poseidon is backing up his flank against me, and I have no doubt him and Miker are in alliance. I think I have to persuade Miker to attack him first – to take the brunt of the defense. Problem…