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Not a Game Podcast episode 2 – Bioluminescent entourage

Episode two! Now with better editing and more organisation! This time out we talk about Cara’s sexy week of RPS news, why gamers are more cultured than poets and adorably dark swim ‘em up Luminesca. Then the conversation moves onto our backlogs of shame: Pip has never known the joys of Tomb Raider, Tom still doesn’t know the twist in Bioshock and none of us have ever finished a Final Fantasy game. Also Craig feels guilty about not playing more than 250 hours of Skyrim and Tom makes a shocking admission about Resident Evil. Show notes can be found inside.

Space Funeral

RPG Maker 2003. Load of rubbish, right?* It makes me think of endless JRPG clones: unsubtle homages to games that were already dull. Identikit fantasies where the farmboy protagonist leaves home on an epic quest to save the land, pick up purple-haired chicks with thyroidal eyes, and loot everything he can get his pixellated hands on. Space Funeral is no different to these games in some respects. You play as Philip, a man who leaves home on a linear mission to right the wrongs of his world. You fight monsters in turn based battles, gain experience, and collect loot. Sounds…