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Great Game Endings

Due to technical issues I’m afraid the only screenshot you’re getting is my generic Mass Effect 2 pic. Sorry. I’m always surprised how few people complete their games. Although there’s certainly a few I’ve left by the wayside (honestly, I’ll get done with Bioshock one day) I do, by and large, try and complete my games. If you do make it all the way through though, there’s some great endings waiting there for you. Here are a few of my favourites, not the best you understand, but ones that offer something unique and special. Needless to say, spoilers are abound….

Ridiculous installs means making pizza

Earlier today I fancied a go on Gears of War. I’ve had it a while, and got quite far into it, but lost all my progress when I had to re-install windows. On my old save however, I was playing through on hard mode, and to be honest I was starting to get a bit wound up with how hard it was getting. When I set GoW to install, something flagged at the back of my head “this took ages last time”;. and indeed, it took ages this time. A full hour in fact. An hour! Just to install it….