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Not a Game podcast episode 42 – Multinational Baby

This week Pip and Tom are manning the poddesk all by their lonesome but they soldier on regardless to bring you the topical observation that Knights of the Old Republic 2 is well written but kinda buggy, more news as it breaks. Also discussed is Pip’s valiant attempt to start a book club in DayZ and the use of public domain content in games. Plus the inner workings of Far Cry’s hunting economy, judging foreign games by western standards and the strange appeal of Euro Truck Simulator, conceding in competitive games and sneezing. The show notes, as ever, are inside.

Mass Effect 2

Out of the last three Bioware games, Mass Effect 2 is my least favourite. Don’t get me wrong: it’s good, maybe even great, but it feels like a step backward from the mind blowing games-you-cant-put-down of Mass Effect 1 and Dragon Age, which is unfortunate given the recent(ish anyway, this post is probably coming out a month after I’ve written it) news that Dragon Age 2 is going to settle its self more into the Mass Effect 2 template. The problem is that Mass Effect 2 feels heavily segmented and not in the standard three act template we’ve come to…