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Not a Game podcast episode 6 – Sexy sexy mandibles

This is what the second take of a podcast sounds like. After our planned session on horror games with Laura Rich failed to record (we’ll try again in the future) Cara, Pip and Tom got together for a hastily recorded emergency backup podcast. In it we talk about gaming romances and Pip’s Fable 2 Town Crier harem, Hate Plus and why Gordon Freeman should have been genderless and the virtues of patience in games. Then Cara and Tom talk about sex again, because they can’t help themselves. Sorry about the awful audio quality, it won’t happen again. Show notes inside.

Dragon Age II

It was inevitable, really. Bethesda take years between sequels; Blizzard, decades. In a single year, BioWare are updating both of their major franchises alongside the launch of an incredibly ambitious and high-risk MMOG. There is no studio, large or small, for which that would not be overreach short of outright insanity. Dragon Age II may be a response to the unanticipated success of Origins, but that it has been delivered in a short timescale and to a budget should really come as no surprise – next to Mass Effect and The Old Republic, BioWare’s revivalist fantasy project is a curiosity,…