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Not a Game podcast episode 10 – “It was not a sexy rev”

It’s episode ten and we’re celebrating in style, by becoming seriously ill. Pip and Cara both have the Eurogamer flu, so we called on mysterious stranger Craig Lager to join us, you remember Craig, right? No, we don’t either. This episode is dedicated to the many, many cool indie games on show at the Eurogamer expo: Framed, Black Bar, Assault Android Cactus, Chroma, Rain and more. We also talk about Artemis Bridge Simulator, audio only games and the Oculus Rift. Plus listen to Pip’s cold voice! It’s adorable. The show notes, along with the secret of Dude Piado, are inside.

Runic Games and Torchlight Interview

When Tom reviewed Torchlight he was very impressed. Actually, I think anyone who reviewed Torchlight was very impressed. It’s done tremendously well after all and to find out some more about it, we asked Wonder Russell at Runic Games some questions. Firstly, Torchlight seems to be doing really well. Congratulations! Given that the game was only announced at PAX, and there hasn’t been a huge amount of hype in the run up to release, why do you think it’s appealed to so many people? Thanks! We think it appeals to people for the same reason it appeals to us. It…