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Not a Game podcast episode 8 – The chiropractor of Orgrimmar

In our spooky horror game special, recorded on Friday the 13th, Cara and Craig are struck down by an evil curse so Pip and Tom are joined by Laura Rich and Ben Barrett to talk about Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Outlast. We also talk about AsylumJam and what it means for mental illness in games before discussing various incarnations of the Dead Space series and if it’s possible to do horror in co-op. Then we top it all off with our best scary anecdotes and chat about crates for ten whole minutes because video games. Show notes inside.

Alien Breed: Impact

Alien Breed: Impact, is a remake of Team 17 (who you’ll probably remember as the makers of Worms) 1991 game Alien Breed. The original was a top down shooter in which you cleared a spaceship of Aliens one by one, it had much in common with Gauntlet and, camera angle aside could be seen as something of a precursor to 1993′s Doom. It’s now 2010, games have moved on a lot in the last nineteen years, so can the new Alien Breed put a modern spin on a classic formula? The short answer? No it can’t. The long answer? No,…