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Podcast 13 – WWII?

download | subscribe Craig, Ed and Paul meet up in the dizzying heights of Leicestershire to discuss games that we feel are under-appreciated. Such games as: Sins of a Solar Empire, Day of Defeat, Hidden and Dangerous, Commandos and we even squeezed in some talk on Outcast at the end. We also fit in a bit of a discussion about WWII games in general in there somewhere following the question: WWII? Lastly Paul wants me to apologise for our “appalling mic technique” but I wont, because if I started apologising for the things we did wrong I’d probably never stop….

Valve Corporation

I defy anyone to talk about PC gaming seriously without talking about Valve Corporation. They are massively important and have done nothing short of revolutionise this medium that we love. It’s easy to forget everything that they have put out there; classic game after classic game, and then a system that has even completely changed how many of us buy and play games. Here we have every game they have commercially released, affectionately recalled by both us here at Gaming Daily and the people who these games mean more to than anything else out there – journalists, gamers, clan members,…