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Frozen Synapse First Impressions

This is one of the coolest things I’ve played in ages. Frozen Synapse is a minimalist sort-of turn based indie combat simulator. Both sides give their soldiers orders, once all the orders have been collected the next slice of action unfolds in real time. You do battle across a variety of modes that see you protecting hostages, collecting boxes or just killing each other to death. It’s great.

New Star Soccer 4

Before I begin writing my prose here (I’d shy away from the word review, because I don’t intend to reach any conclusion other than, hopefully, to pique your curiosity), head over to the New Star Soccer homepage and download the trial. Actually, if the word ‘soccer’ in the title immediately fills you with horror (and not because it’s what our American cousins would call a kick-about) then ignore that. Let’s simplify: if you like football, go download the very generous trial. Give it a fair go, and then if you like it, do cough up the cash and support the…