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Left 4 Dead 2 Demo

With the launch just around the corner, Valve have shipped out a demo for the not-very-long-at-all awaited Left 4 Dead 2. It wasn’t something I was particularly looking forward to in all honesty – the fun of the original had long dried up but, you know, I really enjoyed my time with Left 4 Dead 1 though you can only play the same campaigns so many times. So while I wasn’t looking forward to the sequel per-se, a revisit to l4d with brand new content was more than a welcoming idea, and I do love bashing those zombies. However, after…

Indie Review: Fathom

It’s apparent that Fathom attempts to subvert a good deal of our assumptions and preconceptions about games in general, and specifically, 2d platformers like Cave Story. It asks questions. Questions like, “Hang on, who am I? Why am I shooting these harmless sprinkler things to get pointless blue machine parts? Why do I assume that this boss fight is winnable? Because I’m a protagonist? Do I now rely on the feeble tropes I’ve often smirked at, such as the vilification of flower pot sentry bots?”