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A New Era Begins

Ladies and gentlemen it falls on me to make this announcement, Gaming Daily as we know it has come to an end. We all knew this day was coming, we just didn’t want to face it, but now we’re finally going to have to. PC gaming is dead. Oh we’ve tried to order the tide to roll back, but we all know we’re doomed. Let’s be honest, can any recent PC game match the artistic tour de force that is Wii Fit? Of course not, we were deluding ourselves think we could create even a pale shadow of it’s greatness….


Sequels have a tendency to either improve on the original or completely destroy a franchise, saying that welcome to the ‘cash-in sequel made by a lesser director’ to the first Videolicious. Well here we go then, first up is a betrayal of the highest calibre and would surly be punishable by the death of a first born child. Watch as brother betrays brother on WOW which ensures for a comedic 3:27 for you all to enjoy. Secondly we have the latest trailer for the newest Alien Vs Predator game that was recently shown at Gamescon, hopefully by this trailer and…