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Podcast 5 – there was some pizza

download | subscribe The new and long overdue podcast. James tells us about Discaya, Paul – the long term Ghostbusters fan tells us about the new game version, and I enthuse about Morrowind. We also talk about Battlefield 1943 and the launch event, then Modern Warfare II and the night vision goggles, plus some other stuff that we think worth mentioning. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Battlefield 1943

The Tamarai club in Convent Garden has the most inconspicuous entrance of anywhere you have ever seen. It’s a tiny little door hidden amidst various restaurants, clubs, shops and so forth. Today, there is a woman stood outside with a clipboard – the prettiest looking gatekeeper you could ask for. She is standing directly between me and the treasures that the club is holding. Luckily though, on her clipboard is my name so getting into the club on this uncomfortably warm Thursday is as easy as asking her; no Hitman like infiltration for me today…maybe that’s a shame. The reason…