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Not a Game podcast 30 – A fortune in lampposts

In our latest podcast Pip and Tom are joined by Simon Parkin and Keza MacDonald to answer pressing questions like: “Is ghosts an emotion?” and “Are Twitch playing God?” This week we discuss comedy in games and the unintentional slapstick genius of David Cage. Meanwhile Simon has been playing the new Thief reboot, and Keza has been reliving the hell that was reviewing Dark Souls for the first time. Plus in depth discussions on religion in games and the difficulties of working at game studios, both large and small, including a chat about the late, lamented Littleloud. Show notes inside.

Not a Game Podcast episode 20 – Some games from this year

Welcome to the Not a Game podcast: GOTY edition, featuring all four of our regular hosts” (Craig was originally pre-order DLC from Gamestop) This week we list the objectively best games of the year. Okay so basically just some games we liked this year and remembered in time for the podcast. Winners include: Slave of God, Gone Home, All I Want is for All My Friends to Become Insanely Powerful, Papers Please, Dota 2, The Stanley Parable, Spelunky, Artemis, Device 6, Dots, The Last of Us, Saints Row 4 and Project Zomboid. But who won best curtains? Show notes inside.