Competition Rules

These apply to every competition on GamingDaily unless, for some reason, we say otherwise.

1) You transfer copyright of anything you send to GamingDaily, whether photograph, text, physical object or idea, though we can refuse it in any way. Basically, if you don’t want to give us something for free, don’t submit it to a competition. It’s just something we have to do so we can’t get sued or something in the future.

2) Anything you submit cannot be returned – but this is never really going to be an issue.

3) Entries must be submitted within the start and closing dates of the competition.

4) Personal email sent to the will be kept for up to six months. We wont pass on any details of yours to any third parties unless it’s a sponsored competition and they need your address to send you a prize.

5) GamingDaily staff choose the winners unless stated otherwise, and their decision is final.

6) Any prizes on offer are non replaceable unless we really mess something up, in which case it will be replaced by something similar.