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At first glance Driftmoon is a game out of time without any nostalgia to carry it. It was seven years in the making, but when there are just the two developers with an insatiable desire to create something wonderful, time is often – wistfully – of no consequence. Except, perhaps, in an industry where high polygon counts, detailed textures, narrative development, and the perception of value are concerned. It’s going to have to be good to garner an audience. The introduction sees you returning to your home town having received a letter from your father. Well, maybe. The letter is…


Like many PC gamers of a certain age, I would pay a lot of money for a new Dungeon Keeper. Much of my childhood was spent in the underworld, constructing deviously designed dungeons and amassing an army of powerful creatures to do my bidding. I’ll be brief – despite obviously craving the accolade, Impire is most certainly not the new Dungeon Keeper. It shares certain thematic elements – the underground lair, the quest for world domination and the evil demon at the heart of the tale, but it lacks the charm and wit that made Bullfrog’s classic such a joy….