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Not a Game podcast episode 58 – Nindies

Hey everyone, we’re moving! You can find us at from now on! This week Tom and Jordan are joined by 10 Second Ninja creator and head of the #nindies campaign Dan Pearce. Dan tells us about Luftrausers and how a developer’s state of mind affects a game, and also why Dark Souls is like coding. Jordan tells us about match three roguelike child labour sim The Road Not Taken and Tom tries to explain why he really likes shield bashing people in The Banner Saga. Plus, which game would make the best romantic comedy? Show notes inside.

Not a Game Podcast episode 57 – Plan B

This week we’re joined by the smooth DJ tones of Alice O’Connor of Rock Paper Shotgun, who tells us about the shocking twist ending of Hypnospace Enforcer, and gives us her own peculiar take on the demo for Fifa 15. Meanwhile Pip has been betraying her native Dota 2 for the friendly embrace of League of Legends, causing Tom to show off how little he knows about lane pushing games. Finally Tom explains why everything he said about Invisible Inc last week is now complete bollocks. Early access! Don’t you just love it? The show notes, as ever, are inside.