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Not a Game podcast episode 50 – #quitegate

Welcome to the fiftieth episode of the Not a Game podcast! Which is also our one year anniversary! To celebrate this auspicious occasion we’ve got both Craig and Cara back, re-uniting all four original podders. This week Craig brings us the topical observation that Final Fantasy VII is pretty good, Cara tells us the secrets of David Bowie’s groin and Pip and Cara embark on a marathon twenty minute discussion of the themes of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. We also bring back the silly question intro, answer some reader tweets and accidentally spark an international grammar incident. Show notes are inside.

Not a Game podcast episode 49 – First Person Botany

For episode 49 we’re joined by Kate Gray of Official Nintendo Magazine, who tells us all about just how sweary Towerfall makes her, leading Tom to bring up the splendidly named Timmy Bibble’s Friendship Club. Meanwhile Tom has also been playing first person open world botany ‘em up Miasmata and Pip has been doing science (of a sort) in Mousecraft and explains how puzzle games make her really competitive. Also contains digressions into controller layouts, killer trees and annoying capitalisation plus a massive reader mail medley as we answer questions about sex, e-sports and Rock Paper Shotgun. Show notes inside.