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Not a Game Podcast episode 57 – Plan B

This week we’re joined by the smooth DJ tones of Alice O’Connor of Rock Paper Shotgun, who tells us about the shocking twist ending of Hypnospace Enforcer, and gives us her own peculiar take on the demo for Fifa 15. Meanwhile Pip has been betraying her native Dota 2 for the friendly embrace of League of Legends, causing Tom to show off how little he knows about lane pushing games. Finally Tom explains why everything he said about Invisible Inc last week is now complete bollocks. Early access! Don’t you just love it? The show notes, as ever, are inside.

Not a Game Podcast episode 56 – Too Big Moon

After last week’s disastrous lost podcast Pip, Tom and Jordan unite for episode 56, take two. The Sims 4 is out and we’re all either playing it, watching it or starring in it, so we have a big long chat where Jordan tells us exactly what has changed since last game. Meanwhile Pip has ghost running Dishonoured (by turning everyone into ghosts) and playing Dark Souls with a pair of Craigs whispering hints, lies and insults into her ear. Tom on the other hand, has been getting his arse thouroughly (and proceedurally) kicked by Invisible Inc. Show notes are inside.