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Not a Game podcast episode 55 – Interperative dance business meeting

It’s an exciting time for the Not a Game podcast as we induct a new(ish) member. Yes Jordan is now joining us full time (throws confetti in the air). This week she’s even brought Alan Williamson with her, who tells us how hard old Nintendo games are and plugs his charity booksale. Meanwhile Tom has been staring into the hexagon matrix of Hoplite, Pip has been disco dungeoneering in Crypt of the Necrodancer and Jordan has been getting so excited for The Sims 4 she even makes Pip take a Sims 4 personality test live on air. Show notes inside.

Not a Game podcast episode 54 – Gruff McManmeat

This week perennial guest Laura Kate Dale returns to talk us through the highs, lows and generic mediums of the Gamescom press conferences. We liked Wild, Shadow Realms and Sony’s streaming plans, we did not enjoy the continued abuse of the word ‘exclusive’. After that Laura tells us about windmilling furiously in Mount Your Friends, while Tom tries to explain why curves are unpredictable in Towerfall (he failed geometry). Meanwhile Pip has been getting to grips with Dark Souls, raising the question, at what point does challenging minimalism just become bad game design? The Show notes, as ever are inside.