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Skyrim: Podcast Special

Craig Lager and Craig Lam get together to discuss Skyrim – a game you may have heard of. Starring the menu system, the new combat systems, in-game books, the environments and spoiler-free quest discussion. Guest starring Lagers “RPG vs Role Playing Game” argument, over enthusiasm and Elder Scrolls nerdery, along with Lams way of getting his Mage educated and generally more rational thinking. Intro provided by the multi-talented Paul Millen. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] download | subscribe

Podcast: Controversies

This week Craig and Chris un-controversially tackle controversies and why certain games feel the need to manufacture them. Unsurprisingly starring Modern Warfare 1, 2, and 3; the Rainbow 6 ”target footage”; and Battlefield 3 in roles of “what game with the stupidest plot have we been playing this week” and “won’t somebody think of the rodents?!”. Guest starring Craigs cats and Chris’ new “bong” feature-format. There are a few sound issues and this is a bit late going out (so some time sensitive stuff will make less sense) thanks to the fact that Chris now lives under a bridge. Please bear with…