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Games of 2011 – Chris

I’m not sure that 2011 was the Best Year Ever, for games or otherwise. 2010 was pretty good, after all – and I’ve got very fond memories of 2007. And 1998. I am however pretty sure that games have never been better. That applies accross the board: from indies making the best roguelikes and platformers to the ever-increasing fidelity and scope of mainstream games. Nothing is perfect, but there are far more worthy games out there than anyone has time to play. That hasn’t always been the case. My game of the year, I think, was Skyrim – and I’ll…


RAGE is a videogame, and it wants you to know it. It wants you to know that it’s a videogame so badly that it continually finds new ways to tell you, over the course of its 10-12 hour running time. It says it so many times that you begin to suspect that it’s apologising for something: the flaws in its worldbuilding, perhaps, or the drudgery that its open-ended structure needlessly enforces. You find yourself inclined to forgive RAGE, in these moments, because that videogamey feel is exactly why its combat is worth celebrating. “Shhh, RAGE.” You’ll whisper, “please stop apologising….