West and Zampella make Cheap Shot

By: Phil Savage

Published: June 6, 2012 Posted in: E3 2012

The former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella have provided details of their first game for EA. In Cheap Shot you’ll play Jince Wampella, a mercenary who takes revenge on his former employers over a pay dispute.

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Asked where they got the idea for the game, West said, “there’s no subtext here, alright? Wampella discovers that Active Vision is actually a front for an international terrorist organisation. It’s going to be like Grisham with explosions.”

“And violence,” offered Zampella. “We’ve had help from the guys at Visceral to really boost the gore. But it’s OK… Active Vision are like really evil. You’re going to feel good about putting an end to these fuckers.”

Much like Modern Warfare, Cheap Shot will be no stranger to controversy. In one sequence of the demo we were shown, Wempella stalked through the offices of an “entirely fictional company” named Tray-Ark. “We’ve not worked out all the plot details, like the moral justification for gunning down a complex full of unarmed workers. But it’s going to be fucking satisfying to play.”

Further details were light, but the duo suggested that in one section you’ll be fighting a literal army of lawyers, and that the final fight against Active Vision head Robert K. would be “really quite something.” “Stomp his fucking balls off, the asshole,” Zampella muttered, almost to himself, while rocking imperceptibly back-and-forth.

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Phil Savage