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By: Craig Lager

Published: June 5, 2012 Posted in: E3 2012

“Some of the community is going to be upset, sure” says Jahrn Buzzwinker, head of iRacing PR “but this is going to be great for bringing iRacing to a wider audience”. The justification comes after Jahrn took to one of the smaller stages to announce iRacing Arcade.

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“Need 4 Speed -> Blur -> Mario Kart” slide 8 of 47 of the iRacing presentation read as Jahrn explained the focus of the expansion. “We’re pushing for accessibility and family entertainment” was the take-away line as pictures of a culturally diverse family panned across the screen, each member leaning excitedly into virtual turns and smiling with gleaming teeth.

An hour and 30 powerpoint screens explaining new “meta-physics-physics” systems later, a 2 lap race was demonstrated around Brands Hatch. Turns 3, 8 , 11 and the pit straight now have glowing cubes floating on the middle of the track, allowing drivers to pick up “race modifiers”. “We have about 15 modifiers in development” said Jahrn, “but we’ll just show you a few now”. We were then treated to a demonstration of the “super nitro” which accelerated a Mazda MX-5 to 300 MPH in an instant. Next was the “stewards inquisition” which deployed a race steward into the passenger seat of the lead car, who persistently asked the driver questions about the technicalities of the car which had to be answered in 3 seconds via a dialog wheel. “We’re hoping to get voice recognition working soon” said Jahrn.

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Lastly, the “float” modifier was demonstrated, which over the course of 30 seconds turns the activating car into a small cloud and floats them into the sky as “The Way It Is” by Bruce Hornsby and the Range swells in the background. As the car nears full transformation it opens its passenger door in a wave and the cloud whips into the air, leaving behind only a rainbow.

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