Friday Night Race Night (?)

By: Craig Lager

Published: January 27, 2012 Posted in: PC Gaming Nonsense

Sorry, sorry. I don’t think we’ve had a content gap like this in ever. We aren’t dead, we’re still here – everyone’s just simultaneously exceptionally busy and burnt out from the end of last year. There’s stuff in the pipeline though, so bear with us.

grid - crash

ANYWAY. Enough of that, let’s talk about something fun. For a while now, “friday night games night” has been a bit of a thing with the GD staff. Not a big official thing or anything like that, just a general understanding that pretty much whoever is online on a Friday night is available to play games while me and Chris drink wine and annoyingly discuss 80′s syth pop. The thing is, none of these idiots will play any racing games with me.

This is nobody’s fault but mine, whichever way you skin it. I either take racing far too seriously so I’ve intimidated everyone into not wanting to join in, or I’ve just picked a poor standard of staff. I can remedy this, though – for I hereby tentatively announce “Friday Night Race Night”.

Lets get together and do a race. I don’t really mind what, so long as it’s an actual racing game. So, not Burnout and not Sega All Stars Racing (as some of you have suggested on twitter). Grid, F1, Dirt, rFactor, iRacing – whatever. Any skill level welcome, let’s just sort something out – I need to race cars. If you’re interested let us know in the comments or on twitter, and noting what games you’d be available for would be advantageous (I think we’ll probably end up doing GRID as I think it’s the most common, and it has lots of types of car – but very open to suggestions. Personally, I’d prefer F1 or one of the serious sims, but that’s just me.).

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