E3 – Microsoft To Allow You to Control Xbox Via PC

By: Patrick Rose

Published: June 5, 2012 Posted in: PC Gaming Nonsense

In a shock move, Microsoft unveiled a new addition to their GFWL online service designed to allow PC players to stop using their PC for gaming directly, but instead play on an Xbox using their PC as an interface.

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“We realised that we’ve been spending all this time completely ignoring PC players, and forcing them to use a system that can occasionally struggle under the weight of its own power and popularity” said the head of the development team, Wes Phage-Camet.

“GFXOW (Games For Xbox on Windows) means that the development teams can continue to focus on making great console games, but without worrying about PC gamers suggesting that we’re not looking out for them.”

The new system will require an Xbox with a new Exteme Port Engager Super Integrated Virtual Enhancement adapter (no confirmed RRP, rumoured to cost $200), and a new subscription to the service, which Phage-Camet expects to be $10 a month.

When asked whether PC Gamers would also require a subscription to Xbox Live as well, Phage-Camet replied:
“What people have to realise is that you have to pay for a decent service. We’ve already heard Valve’s admission that Steam isn’t capable of taking on GFWL, and it’s probably because people weren’t paying through the nose for it” Phage continued as he lit XBox branded, gold plated cigar. “Just think how much better this must be if you have to pay over $30 dollars a month!”

The new service will also cause any game like software to stop working on Windows 8. “This will make development so much easier, so why would you make a PC game when you can make an Xbox game that both Xbox and PC owners can use? We honestly can’t understand why people aren’t just doing that anyway”.

GFXOW is expected to go into beta testing in late 2012, and have a final launch two days later.

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