E3 – Alan Wake to Receive English Translation

By: Craig Lam

Published: June 7, 2012 Posted in: PC Gaming Nonsense

Remedy Entertainment have announced that their hit comedic-horror game, Alan Wake, is to receive a new English translation.

“I’ll be honest with you, with this localisation, we were completely hoodwinked. We had steak and potatoes and they turned it into dog food on Rivita,” said Sam Lake, lead writer. “I was able to localise Max Payne on my own because I’m fluent in Noirese, but I take to horror like Marmite on a sorbet.”

Alan Wake - samlakeatE3

Alan Wake was localised by Stephanie Meyer’s third cousin, Carrington Ara-Om, with voice acting provided by members of his diazepam addiction support group. In the UK, the game was marketed as a thematic tie-in to Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace, a hit comedic horror series, while in the US it was endorsed by Stephen King as part of his ‘Scares for Remedial Readers’ initiative.

Alan Wake was well received as a comedic parody of the horror genre, yet apparently this was not the developer’s intention. Remedy released Antti Wakuminnen to unparalleled critical acclaim in Finland back in 1995 and there have been comments from bilingual Finns that the modern, English version of the game doesn’t come close to the original, which is a terrifying, tautly scripted, and moving thriller.

“My script was as slick as a whore in a bank and as scary as General Patton in lingerie. I’m as happy as a rapist at a colony for the blind to announce that James Herbert is working with us. He’s on board like a deck chair on the Titanic.” Herbert, who is famous for his psycho-horror novel and hit musical, Rats, has recently completed a beginners course in Learn-while-you-drive Finnish and has already started the work that will bring Antti Wakuminnen in its true form to audiences around the world.

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