Mass Effect 3 to be Biowares last Action RPG

By: Craig Lager

Published: June 6, 2011 Posted in: E3 2011

From the success of the Shepard dance, Bioware are departing from their long established template onto Dance Mat RPGs. While continuing in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age universes, players will take control of dancers and combat will consist of dance offs and “being served”. When questioned, the EA spokesperson said: “we’re just SERVING the fans what they want. Everyone loved the club bit in ME2, so we’re extrapolating from that. You dig? Home dog?”. Then there was a challenge for a dance off, everyone politely declined.

E3 presentations - hmm, interesting

A propriety dance mat is rumoured to accompany release with limited edition variations going to pre-order customers. There are also unconfirmed reports that throughout all the new dance games, players are only able to do one set of moves: the Shepard dance.

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